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Prices for Bath Employment Law

At Bath Employment Law, we recognise that while clients want a high quality of advice and level of service, it needs it to come at a sensible price.

Our fees are lower than other law firms. How? The secret is our low overheads. By getting rid of the overheads which offer little benefit to clients, we can charge our clients a lot less than other law firms.

We didn’t think that discerning clients wanted to pay for us to have a city centre office. Instead, we work from home and have meetings at our clients’ premises. And unlike many larger firms, we aren’t too proud to do the donkey work that many firms use an army of support staff to carry out which can push up the fees the clients have to pay. 

Our clients get an experienced lawyer who knows his stuff, dealing directly with them. They’re paying for nothing and nobody else. 

Of course, we’re still regulated in what we do by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the same way as every other firm and this includes insuring our clients against the risk of our advice being wrong.

We’re flexible with our fee arrangements too.

Some clients choose a traditional hourly rate, but we recognise that this arrangement doesn’t always work well for many businesses as hourly rates are hard to budget for. Many of our clients prefer to work on a fixed fee agreement because they know, from the very beginning, what the ‘worst case scenario’ on legal costs is going to be.

We also offer a monthly retainer option where clients pay a fixed monthly sum. Under this arrangement, clients can seek advice when they need it without worrying that the clock is always running when they are taking advice.

Our business model means that we can be flexible in the way we offer our advice and in how we price it in a way that may not be possible with many law firms.

Please talk to us in the first instance on 01225 740097 and we can advise you on the best route.

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