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Employment Law News

In situations to which TUPE applies, when a business changes hands, the employees of the previous business owner automatically become employees of the new owner. 

It is vital that an existing employee who agrees to new restrictive covenants is provided with some benefit (e.g., a pay rise or bonus payment) in consideration for the variation to his/her contract.

Is an employee entitled to draw sick pay from his employer while working in a second job?
Very rarely, according to the following decision of the Court of Appeal.

In the next case, the EAT overturned a tribunal’s decision that a dismissal for posting abusive tweets on a personal Twitter account was unfair.

The Claimant was employed by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) as the UK High Commissioner to Belize. Following allegations of sexual misconduct made against him, the Claimant was withdrawn from his post and suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.