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Employment Law News

The use of e-cigarettes is still a relatively new phenomenon so it is unsurprising that many employers are unsure about how to control their use in the workplace.

The new system of shared parental leave (SPL) becomes available in just six weeks’ time and, if you haven’t already done so, you can use the remaining time to make any changes to your existing policies in readiness for the introduction of the new system.

A contract of employment, like any other contract, cannot lawfully be altered without the consent of both parties. Normally, therefore, an employer who wants to make a change in an employee’s contract of employment must obtain that employee’s consent.

The EAT has ruled that an employer's duty to make reasonable adjustments for a sickness absent employee does not arise until the employee informs the employer of their intention to return to work or shows some willingness to return to work if adjustments are made.

The obligation to make reasonable adjustments for a disabled employee is one which many employers are familiar with. However, often the focus of attention is on the practicability of implementing the adjustment required and not on whether the duty to make reasonable adjustments in fact arises.