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Discipline & Dismissal

Do you avoid confronting staff about unacceptable behaviour in case they complain to an employment tribunal? Many small businesses are deterred from disciplining badly behaved employees because of the threat and cost of tribunals. They also complain that the paperwork that must be created to prove proper procedures have been followed is time-consuming and expensive.

If you are unable to tackle employees about their conduct, poor performance or absence, your business will suffer. If these issues are handled badly, they could result in employees making a complaint to an employment tribunal. 

It need not be like that. 

Employers should not be afraid of using disciplinary procedures to confront unacceptable work or behaviours. Used properly they can provide a framework to deal with difficulties and ensure that everybody is dealt with fairly and consistently. 

We can help by:

  • explaining the legal requirements for disciplinary procedures
  • giving guidance about dismissing fairly
  • advice on specific issues
  • supplying a written disciplinary procedure and all documents related to a disciplinary issue