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Hiring New Employees

 The risks associated with hiring staff have never been greater. The recruitment process is full of danger for the unwary or careless employer which may get into a contract it wishes it had not made or incur a discrimination claim from a disappointed job applicant. It may even infringe immigration controls on employing foreign workers. 

Avoiding those risks requires full legal compliance and can be a complex business. But the price of failing to achieve the high standards required  can be expensive and time consuming.

Our experience of advising business clients over 25 years have made us experts on the law of recruitment..We can steer employers around the legal obstacles and provide them with all the documentation they need to make new employment compliant with the law by:

  • advising employers how to avoid infringing discrimination and immigration laws when hiring new workers;
  • producing different types of contracts of employment tailored to the needs of their business;
  • supplying a full range of employment policies
  • providing a cost effective service for updating documents as legislation changes